How can you help ?

Our customers are not only our greatest supporters, they are our best critics and the foot soldiers for our marketing.

When we started 20 years ago we had only a sandwich counter and 800 pounds worth of stock,  but continued support from our customer base has allowed us to expand and realise many of our founding ambitions.

Your feedback has been crucial to the development of the buisness and has encouraged us to branch into new markets and provide new services. Please keep us up to date with your thoughts about the store. Speak to us in store. You comments will always be taken down and be consulted on within the team. If you prefer to email or phone just contact us at any time.

Survival alone, no matter attempting to reinvest in our sector can be difficult. The margins on food sale are small and don’t really permit widescale adevertising. That’s where we rely on you to help spread the word amongst your friends and on social media. Please like and share our posts, and encourage your friends to.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us, and, where you can, contributing to the on-going development of the store.