How can you help ?

Our customers are not only our greatest supporters, they are our best critics and they are the focus of our service. When we started 20 years ago we had only a sandwich counter and 800 pounds worth of stock,  but continued support from our customer base has allowed us to expand and realise many of our founding ambitions.

Customer feedback has been crucial to this development and has encouraged us to branch into new markets and provide new services. Please keep us up to date with your thoughts in-store. Your feedback comments will always be taken down and be consulted on within the team.

Long term survival, no matter attempting to re-invest in our sector can prove difficult. The margins in grocery are small and don’t really permit widescale advertising. So that’s where we rely on you to keep shopping with us and  to keep spreading the word amongst your friends.

And in supporting us you are not helping create a  community resource in Heaton, in supporting us you are  are helping support our producers many of whom themselves are  workers cooperatives or local family businesses. With us there is often a familiar face at the end of the food chain. And our food quality relies on establishing a depth of trust and enculturing and attitude of respect right the way through the food chain.

We try and post on social media at least once a week. And If you have a facebook account , you can like our page and invite your friends to – or share our story’s on instagram – or retweet on twitter.

But what happens in the shop, rather than simply online or in the press, remains most important to us. We have won a number of awards. But the most we can hope from  recommendations and recognition  is the chance to gain new customers who can enjoy the foods we so carefully source and retail.

Because at the end of the day, we simply hope our customers enjoy shopping with us, and that they enjoy the wealth of produce we have to offer. If you don’t shop with us already, why not pay us a visit and considering supporting us as part of your weekly shop.