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About us

We’re Newcastle’s leading independent organic health food store. We’ve been trading in Heaton since 1999.  Our founding aim was to put local, quality, organic food back on the map in Newcastle. And we wanted to create jobs in our local economy – all in way that was respectful to the  environment.  Our shop is now literally brimming with vibrant, healthy food. Our positive customer support really helps drive us to continue to adapt and improve our service.


Sustainability and organic food

20 years has been a long time as an organic health food shop.  But it’s been a pleasure to see a lot of our concerns regarding food and sustainability reach the level of everyday conversations. Initially concerns about food quality often brought customers to our door. But now the larger implications of short term approaches to food production  and the environment are a major driving force.

Because we source our fresh produce directly from growers and suppliers locally and across the UK, we are able to select not only the best quality, but also work with farms and producers who share our wider values and goals. The proof we hope is in the pudding. When short cuts are avoided food tastes better, and we hope is worth any extra cost. Above all, we hope our customers enjoy shopping with us. 

organic health food shop

Social Enterprise

20 years ago there weren’t even such things a Community Initiative Company’s. But we have worked over that time to help bring the concept of social enterprise into action in our community and wider afield.  We remain  a ‘not-for-profit’ organic health food shop , family owned and without share holders. All the money spent in-store supports the development of our service.  We aim to contribute to the health of our community. Our revenue goes to paying wages for everyone involved , paying suppliers a proper price and developing the business.  Our customers remain pivotal to the development of the shop. If you have  any ideas or requests please let us know, as your feedback is  never ignored and is always discussed in-store.

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