Customer Orders

Did you know you can order in bulk with us and save money ? If you order a whole case of your favourite products from our shelves we will give you at least a ten percent discount on our store price. So if you find you are buying something every week such as pasta or tinned tomatoes why not ask us to order a case in for you ?

We can accomodate larger buying groups at closer to Suma’s wholesale list price so if it’s a big order you are planning please speak to us instore.

We can also retail whole cases of fruit and veg at 20 percent below our shop price. Winter is a great time for this as things store well in a shed or porch. So if you fancy a box of apples, oranges or whatever just let us know.

We value the money you spend in-store and our organic fruit and veg is noticebly less expensive than all the local box schemes and it is hard to find organic commodities at a better price than the ones we sell in our suma kilo bags . Our plastic free refills also offer a ten percent saving on our usual shop price.

We regret we can’t take orders for chilled produce but we if you call us on the day of delivery we can happily put items aside for you to collect later that day.