here’s a list of all the refills we do

As requested – here’s a quick list/picture of our organic and ecofriendly refills  :

white and brown pasta  – porridge orats  – museli  – museli base – couscous  – chickpeas – raisins – sultanas – lentils popcorn – arborio rice – short grain brown rice – red lentils – quinoa – seasame seeds – pumpkin seeds – buckwheat – omega mix – basmati rice – cashew nuts – basmatic brown rice 

shampoo – conditioner – body wash – washing up liquid – hand soap – all purpose cleaner –  laundry liquid – toilet cleaner  – fabric conditioner

We refill all containers ( although bottles need to have a nozzle as big as a standard washing up bottle and we need to know the size of the bottle)      and refill prices are 10 percent less than our equivalent shop price

          Thanks for everyone’s continued support – as an independent and community based store our profit gets re-invested in the business and our refill station is a great example of what we have been able to achieve with our customer’s continued support

  We don’t spend on advertisting and rely on word of mouth and social media – so please help spread the word and help us continue to improve