refills and loose commodities

loose commodities

We’ve been selling loose commodities at the counter again this year.  We can refill any bags you are using, or give you one to reuse. You can bring your own containers . By buying in bulk for our refill centre we can reduce packaging and waste, and  help keep prices down for you in-store. All our  commodities are sourced from Suma wholefoods.

      Suma were recently voted most trusted brand over the last 15 years by readers of ethical consumer magazine. Most of our  loose commodities are organic. And each loose commodity offers the best price for that product in the shop. So they are a great way to buy organic commodities and keep your spending down in-store. Here’s some of our current range. 

organic porridge oats 


organic shortgrain brown rice 35p/100g
organic red lentils  25p/100g
organic delux museli 45p/100g
organic basmati white 40p/100g
organic pumpkin seeds 80p/100g
organic raisins  60p/100g
organic sunflower seeds 40p/100g
organic basmati brown 40p/100g
organic cane sugar  40p/100g
organic seasame seeds 


organic golden linseed 45p/100g
organic ground almonds £1.75/100g
organic sultanas  60p/100g
organic white penne 28p/100g
organic brown fusilli 28p/100g



Other goods ?

We have more loose commodities in-store so please ask at the counter. If you are after baking goods we currently sell what we use in our own kitchen loose from scoop bins.

We also have lots of popular organic commodities in our pre-packed kilo bags at good prices, such as organic fruits like dates and prunes.  And we sell a wide range of commodities in smaller sizes in Suma’s prepacked eco-bags. These bags are designed to be lightweight so you can still help cut down on packing when you buy these.  All our pre-packaged bags are single polymer, have a low carbon footprint and are recycle ready. 


  Household Refills

Our refill station is new  in-store but we’ve been spilling and slipping on cleaning refills for around 20 years.

We currently refill:

Shampoo – Conditioner – Body wash – Washing up liquid – Hand soap – All purpose cleaner –  Laundry liquid – Toilet cleaner  – Fabric conditioner. 

Here’s a quick pick of the sort of plastic you can be re-using.



We make an attempt to refill all containers you bring to the shop for household cleaning products. But we find bottles do need to have a nozzle as big as a standard washing up bottle. It also helps to  know the size of the bottle.


Our household and bodycare refills are priced at least 10 percent below their packaged shop equivalent – so when you refill instead of just buying another container you save at least 10 percent in-store. All our household and body care refills are now being made by Suma, and we sell all their branded goods at their RRP in-store. Their ecoleaf washing up liquid is £2/litre and ecoleaf laundry liquid is £5.50/1.5litre. All of the containers we use for these products are returned for re-use and recycling to Suma’s manufacturing plant. 



Our refill and loose commodity service is still developing . And our journey to reduce and improve our packaging in-store is on-going. Thanks for everyone’s patience and support so far. 

As an independent store focused on serving the needs of it’s customer base  we re-invest profit in the business.  Adding  our counter refill station this year has been an example of what  we are able to achieve with our customer’s continued support.