A weekly guide to the honey tree food shop, newcastle

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“Is everything organic” ? We are often asked.  No, not everything’s organic, but over the years we have  spent a lot of time working with the organic movement in the north east, and as a grocery store we specialise in certified organic produce. Our fresh farm produce is always  organic . Our fruit and veg , milk, eggs, many of our cheeses, and  local meats are organically certified.  And we support that with full range of organic groceries. But we also take great pride in the work of a number of small scale and local artisan producers, who are using organic or more sustainably sourced ingredients as part of their craft. And our customers enjoy buying quality, healthy local foods in-store.


We closed are now closed on Monday’s  to help us catch up with orders and work in-store .



We open from 11am.  Fresh organic milk in glass bottles , butter, and cream from our local dairy  is available by midday. Our first and largest pre-order of organic fruit and veg  during the day on a Tuesday – with fresh picks usually available from 2pm.  Some discounted fruit and veg lines can be available at opening on a Tuesday as we make space for our fresh weekly stock.  Fresh bread and our own organically baked cakes are available at opening. On bank holiday weekends our first veg delivery the week is delayed till a Wednesday.


Fresh artisan bread is available from opening, with the  first sourdough of the week available . And our second weekly preorder of organic fruit and veg from a local farm is usually out for  2pm on a  Wednesday. Home deliveries are made in the afternoon and early evening. 


 More fresh artisan bread  a.m. All our lines of fruit and veg for the week are always out in time for opening for customers and at present Thursday  seems a  good day to shop for customers who like to take their time in a quieter shop. 


More fresh bread. We  have another  dairy delivery  for around 1pm which includes recycled litre bottles.  Veg boxes for collection are available in the afternoon.  We sell most of our local organic speciality meats from from frozen but on the weekends our deliveries arrive we often put some out fresh for customers in the late afternoon. 


We have usually finished work on our deli counter before opening on a Saturday, and local and organic cheeses are on display. Our range of small local suppliers have also usually restocked by a Saturday. And our weekly chilled  order is out in the fridges. Wholesale bulk orders are ready for collection, and  veg and fruit boxes can  can be collected until 5pm on a Saturday. Price reductions on our  fruit and veg stock are available on a Saturday afternoon from midday as we clear some of our  lines before closing for the week. 



orders and reservations

All delivery and collection orders are now taken online &  the shop focuses on providing counter service. We can put any items aside for collection which include a veg box order . If you are having difficulty with online ordering please email the orders team at thehoneytreeorders@gmail.com. If you have a question for the shop counter staff please email thehoneytreeshopteam@gmail.com. We respond  to emails to the shop team  throughout the day during opening hours.                                        Thanks for visiting our page.