A weekly guide to the honey tree food shop, newcastle

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Updated 13:08 08/04/2018

“Is everything organic” ? We are often asked.  No, not everything’s organic, but over the years we have  spent a lot of time working with the organic movement in the north east, and as a grocery store we specialise in certified organic produce. Our fresh farm produce is always  organic . Our fruit and veg , milk, eggs, many of our cheeses, and  local meats are organically certified.  And we support that with full range of organic groceries. But we also take great pride in the work of a number of small scale and local artisan producers, who are using organic or more sustainably sourced ingredients as part of their craft. And our customers enjoy buying quality, healthy local foods with us.


We closed on Monday’s at present to help us catch up with orders, collections, and work in-store 

Tuesday, Wednesday

We open from 11amon Tuesday.  Fresh organic milk , butter, and cream from acorn dairy and eggs  are on the shelves by midday. We now get glass milk bottles on a Tuesday as well as Friday. A new delivery of organic fruit and veg is usually out by 2pm. Fresh Artisan bread comes in on a Tuesday.


Some organic bread from Paul’s bakery arrives in the afternoon with our veg delivery  and we usually  top up our veg display from our new delivery as we are unloading.  More fresh artisan bread.


Our second delivery of fruit and veg is out on the shelves for opening, and we have another delivery from acorn dairy for around 1pm. Veg boxes for collection can be collected in the afternoon.


We usually work on our deli counter before opening on a Saturday, and local and organic cheeses, and our own cakes are on display.  Our small local suppliers have usually restocked by a Saturday. And our weekly Suma order is out on the shelves. Suma bulk orders and any pre-ordered veg boxes can be collected until 4pm on a Saturday. 




We regret we don’t take advance orders for individual items and we can’t at present put items aside for customers to collect later in the day.  

Our weekly order form is available for our veg box  collection and delivery service.  The shop is now focused on providing counter service at present and orders are taken online. If you are having difficulty with online ordering at present please phone the shop between 1pm and 3pm and ask for Frances or Simon.