A weekly guide to the honey tree food shop

The most common question we are asked at the honey tree  ? When does your veg come in ? The second most common question ? When does your bread come in ? Third most common question , is everything organic ?

Taking them first to last. No, not everything’s organic. We tend not to work  to single agendas, but over the years we have  spent a lot of time working with the organic movement in the north east, and our fresh farm produce is always organic . That’s where we find the value of organic food really shines out.  Our fruit and veg , milk, eggs, many of our cheeses, and fresh local meats are organically certified.  But we also take great pride in the work of a number of small scale and local artisan producers. And our customers love buying the best of local foods with us.

Then the first two questions ? Best look at our current weekly schedule, and that should explain things:


Our cakes are fresh out and sandwiches are available from 10am.  Fresh takeaway food is prepared every morning Monday to Friday.

We do a lot of our  organic veg and chilled reductions on a Monday. From midday there is a great chance to start picking lots bargains on the veg display or in the chilled fridges. We don’t have day fresh baked bread on a Monday but we have some bagged bread to tide everyone over. Our bagged bread is always good for a couple of days.


Local Artisan Foccacia , and some bagged sourghdough are available.  Fresh organic milk , butter, and cream from acorn dairy and harry hodgeson’s eggs from piercebridge organic farm are on the shelves by midday. Milk arrives on a Tuesday.


We have day fresh local artisan bread out for sale in the morning. Our new fruit and veg display is out each week by 2pm on a Wednesday.


More fresh bread in the morning. We usually set up the deli counter with cheeses for the weekend in the afternoon.


Day fresh bread available along with some pastries. Glass milk bottles from acorn dairy are out by 2pm and our fridges and freezers have been restocked for the week by the same time.


We have our usual local bread available along with some day fresh pastries.

Our weekly Suma delivery is out on the shelves by 10am. Any pre-orders for bulk items customers have placed are also available from the same time. 


           Monthly visits 

Some of our small suppliers such as broomhouse farm,  piercebridge organics and teesdale cheesemakers only visit us monthly at present, and we usually flag these visits up on social media.


We regret we don’t take advance orders for goods and we can’t at present put items aside for customers to collect later in the day.  We still take orders for bulk items from our wholesaler. So if you would like to order in bulk and save a little bit of money please let us know.