Meet the Team


Cat is a one-woman office and shop supervisor – responsible for book-keeping and supplier claims – she runs a tight ship, and helps with customer problems and business development. And with over 5 years service behind her she contribution to our organic health food shop is invaluable.  She’s currently away travelling this year.


Rob is the owner’s husband. He has a long association with the shop and helps with  the ordering and IT. Aka Mr Crispy for his love of crisps.


The new supervisor on the block, Frances helps get the shop into gear early in the week. She’s our resident artist and not only is the one we turn to help with our in-store design but she sets up our weekly veg display each week. Her ever changing veg displays are a small work of art. And every wednesday we post up her latest installation on social media so you can see what new lines we have in store.


The founder and owner of the honey tree, way back in 1999. She still works daily preparing in the shop, preparing food , supporting the supervisors and developing our product range. She remains “the boss” and has the final word on all our activties in-store.


Esrah has been working at our organic and health food shop for over four years now. She is known for her quick work rate and kitchen wizardy. She helps  up our high standards of presentation in the front of the shop. Aka ‘speedy G’ after speed Gonzales the cartoon character.


Rob and Elaine’s eldest child Gabriel has worked in-store from a young age. He now helps close up the shop on a Friday and a Saturday. A very “chatty bob” he enjoys serving our wide range of customers each week.


Daniel finds time from his studies to put out our Suma order each Friday. He’s our resident fantasy football champion and has been working with us for a number of years.


Xenia’s is one of our supervisors.  Highly recommended from her previous job she fitted in almost instantly to way of things in the shop. Her special interest is sustainablity and zero living. She runs her own company called earth-while. You can earth-while products from our refill station. She has been crucial to getting our refill station up and running and helping us understand more about the implications of the zero waste movement. She is now in her second year at the shop.


One of our new trainee supervisors, Leanne is studying sustainability and international flood relief at Northumbria University.  She’s previously worked as a supervisor in the Ikea food department in her home country of the Netherlands. She is learning fast and already helping us keep on top of things on busy Saturdays.

What our customers say about us …

“Great staff, so friendly and helpful” – June Donahoe

“I find the staff extremely friendly and have got loads of advice from them” – Sarah Dresser

“The shop assistants are also very kind and helpful” – Cristina Conti

“The staff are really friendly and helpful too, they always have time to listen give good advice. It’s a dead canny shop” – Rachel Kirk

“I’ve only ever had great experiences with each member of staff I’ve ever met, & not just in a generic ‘customer service’, kind of way. Much more personable than that!” – Danielle Hutchinson