What’s good food to us ? It’s food that tastes good. It’s food that’s well made. It’s food that is good for you. Being healthy, enjoying your food, and respecting the environment and the welfare of others can all come together as part of  your weekly shop.

Over the years we’ve come to realise that you can’t take shortcuts with good food. The more our producers  put it, the more you get out. And Good food for us isn’t just about taste, it’s also about the way that food can made with the welfare of all in mind.  Good food and celebration can go hand in hand, but Good food can also nourish and help heal the body.  This is why we are so keen on organic foods , and  to source our produce from suppliers who want to go the  extra mile when it comes to producing vibrant, nutritious foods.

Walk through our store you will find countless items which have won great taste  awards. Almost everything we sell has a story behind it – a story where someone is doing a little bit more to make sure their food tastes a  little bit better and has the health of their customers in mind.  Our aim is simply  to offer our customers the best tasting, healthiest and most ethically produced food that we can source  The celebrity chief Rick Stein once called us a “one stop organic shop”, and we continue to work to make local, healthy and organic foods available to our community.