Sustainable Living

Zero waste ? Plastic free ? Organic ?

Sustainable living is something which more and more of us in Newcastle are aiming for in response to climate change and  plastic pollution. Shopping with us can be part of choosing a more eco-friendly and organic lifestyle.

     Local and seasonal organic food is the cornerstone of our shop. We offer our customers a way of shopping which helps supports their environmental concerns. All of our suppliers are carefully selected locally and nationally to help reduce food miles, promote zero-waste , and limit pollution. We aim to make our food chain more sustainable

  Fresh Organic Food

 Many people are looking to eat more of a plant based diet, and eat less and more sustainably farmed meat. Choosing the best quality organic produce can make that change more enjoyable.

Our fresh organic fruit and veg range concentrates on Local, British and Continental produce. We have direct links to all the best organic farms. We side-step air miles. Most of our veg is sold loose without shrink wrap plastic. Our prices are set competitively to make organic food an everyday option. Our hope is to make eating seasonally exciting for customers. Each week we keep our customers updated on facebook , instagram with what’s new in-store.

We love to follow the English apple season, enjoy sampling the best of summer salad leafs, and our Northumbrian root vegetables are quite simply the best in the country. If you have any doubts, the best answer we have is for you is to sample our fresh produce. When food is produced with respect to everyone and everything involved, the final proof we find is in the taste


     Thrills, Spills & Refills

We support zero-waste and the local plastic free groups by offering refills for household cleaning products such as laundry liquid and washing up liquid. You’ll find refills for beauty products like shampoo and conditioners in-store. We also  sell a range of loose everyday shopping items such as rices,lentils, pasta and muesli etc. Just bring you container and we will refill it for you. Our refills and loose products save customers 10 percent on our  usual in-store price for these goods.

  Pay us a visit ?

We have lots of other eco-friendly goods and services in store, and are always open to customer suggestions. As a community store our customers are our biggest supporters and the shop is very much a partnership between all in involved.

With 20 years experience, we hope we can support you in making your weekly shop part of a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle.