meet the sales team...


Far left , Callum is a key teamember and helps out every week. He joined us after leaving college having worked at Jack Sprats restruant on chillingham road. Callum is a keen supporter of our sponsored girls foorball team. A musician he also specialises in supporting autistic adults.

Next left , Helma is our stock manager and a senior supervisor. It is widely believed she has a more accurate knowledge of our stock holdings than the computer. Helma studied glass at sunderland university and her installations have been featured in the guardian.

Standing in the middle of our group photo , Katie is our resident cook. She prepares savoury food for the deli counter on a monday and thursday. Almost entirely self taught she also works with the supper clubs and runs her own cake making business.

Jamie, second right, is our longest serving member of staff. A senior supervisor Jamie is well known for his feats of strength and always takes a lead in our potato sack lifting competition everytime we have a delivery from newfields organics. Jamie is also a musician.

Barti is a supervisor. She helps maintain the appearance of the shop and the quality of customer service. She joined us as a saturday sales assistant when studying her masters in media arts at newcastle and has remained with us ever since.

and a bit about the business...what makes us different ?

We’ve been trading since 1999.

We’re a social enterprise. When we opened our doors we wanted to do two things, put local quality food back on the map in Newcastle, and create jobs in our local economy.

We’re “not for profit”. That means all the money you spend in-store is reinvested in the business, and goes to pay wages and to improve our service.

We are good at what we do. We have won countless accolades in the local and national press, but would happily swap them all for the support we receive from our loyal customer base.

We are independent. That means we can source our products locally and prioritise selling organic,healthy and fresh foods.

We are a customer focused. That means to us every customer counts and as a small shop we can listen and adapt to your specific needs.

We cater to all tastes, and food preferences. Whatever you interest in good food, we are sure you will find something to tickle your tastebuds in our store.

What our customers say about us ...

“Great staff, so friendly and helpful” – June Donahoe

“I find the staff extremely friendly and have got loads of advice from them” – Sarah Dresser

“The shop assistants are also very kind and helpful” – Cristina Conti

“The staff are really friendly and helpful too, they always have time to listen give good advice. It’s a dead canny shop” – Rachel Kirk

“I’ve only ever had great experiences with each member of staff I’ve ever met, & not just in a generic ‘customer service’, kind of way. Much more personable than that!” – Danielle Hutchinson

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