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 The Honey Tree has been trading on Heaton Rd,  Newcastle as an organic health food shop for over 20 years. We offer a wide range good quality fresh organic  food, and over the years have been pleased to see people’s appreciation of quality local organic food grow.  All of our fruits, vegetables, meats and eggs are certified organic. And we sell a full range of other organic goods. 

   Our organic food is not only known for its freshness and good taste , but it is  also nutritious, and sourced direct at a fair price from our producers.  We specialise in local organic food. And we eliminate food waste and over-packaging at every turn, and we price our fresh and loose organic produce sensibly to offer our customers an affordable long term alternative to shopping for organic food in supermarkets. 

Our Story…

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 When we first opened in 1999, we appreciated that organic farming offered an opportunity to do things differently. We liked the idea of transparency, accountability and traceability which organic certification ensured.  And establishing a working community of like minded producers and processors who could help reduce widespread pesticide use, encourage  biodiversity  and improve animal welfare, seemed a positive approach to us. 


  In our early years of trading  we were  fortunate enough to spend time on a lot of the organic farms in the north and north east , and over the years we have become more aquainted with all the farms we buy from both at home and abroad. We have physically seen the difference less intensive farming can make to food quality, the eco system and animal welfare. In the our early years having enough cauliflowers sometimes used to mean we would pitch in with the harvest with local growers. 

Visit a local organic farm ?


  And we still suggest that if ever our customers get the chance,  that they pay a visit to some of our big suppliers such as Piercebridge  farm or Newfields organics. Just going to the river at Piercebridge farm was enough to help convince us of the value of organic  farming. The clear water, the wild fauna and the butterflys said it all.

  Step out the car at Newfields farm shop at Fadmoor and something just seems right. The first time we visited the farm we knew we wanted them to be our first choice veg supplier. The air, the soil and the water that crossed the landed spoke volumes. Newfields have been organic since the early 80’s and you just have to hold the soil in you hand to feel the richness and wealth of goodness that has been worked back into it over the years.

Organic food now ?

 And looking around Newcastle it’s clear organic food is  a workable choice in urban environments  as well. We work with a number of local small, cooperative and community growers who farm organically. BBC Countryfile described our customers as “keeping the faith in organic”.  A popular enthusiasm for organic growing continues to be seen the north east. And we believe Organic farming can play an important  part in developing a more sustainable approach to food production, and the health benefits from eating food which is more nutritious and free from pesticides are clearly valued by our customers.  


  And for us a grocery store our focus has now expanded beyond just local organic food. We now order organic fruit and veg to be picked from all round the country, and even the continent. Some of the continental farms we buy from are among the most dedicated growers in Europe and are pioneers in sustainability. Ordering direct eliminates food waste in the supply chain and we work in a way which supports farmers to set their own price on the open market on each week. Our transport links are continually being optimised to reduce pollution and food miles. And ordering in advance and selling quickly in volume each week ensures our organic fruit and veg is well priced and as fresh as it can be. 

Our approach

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    We know from our customers how much they value our approach to organic food. As well as our in-store sales, we also provide a local organic delivery service which allows our customers surrounding areas access to everything we sell in-store. And we offer a  popular organic fruit and veg box collection service which offers customers good value for their weekly essentials. 

  If you are interested in organic food and haven’t shopped with us before, why not pay us a visit, or order a fruit and veg box for delivery or collection. You may find our approach to organic food works for you. 

“A one stop organic shop”  – Rick Stein

“Keeping the faith in organic” – John Craven, BBC countryfile

“Something of an organic haven” – Living North Magazine