Along with our range of organic fruit and veg, we also have a lot of other carefully sourced produce in-store to suit all manner of diets. We hope whatever your preferences that we can offer you a range of healthy, vibrant and well sourced foods.

Our organically certified fruit and veg is appreciated by many of our customers and to match we have a full range of health foods and plant based foods in-store. We have two fridges full of fresh vegan foods as we lots of vegan customers , and many customers who are looking to eat less meat and more plant based foods.

Many of our customers enjoy their cheeses and we have a range of locally sourced raw and organic cheeses. We have organic cheese from dairies in dumfries and todmordon and a full range of whole raw cheeses from doddington. We also sell mature organic goat’s and sheep’s from our deli counter. And we have fresh deliveries of artisan bread daily.

Our fresh milk comes from acorn organic dairy, along with their local fresh organic butter. We also have pint glasses delivered for any customers who want to reduce plastic use and offer a refund when you bring back your bottle.

When we first opened the shop we only sold vegetarian foods, however the more we became involved with organic farming in the north east, the more we understood the practical difference organic farming could make to animal welfare and we now sell a full range of local meats from Piercebridge organic farm near Darlington. We have worked with the Hodgson family who farm there for decades ,and we, along with the rest of the organic movement in the north east have every confidence in the Hodgson family’s commitment to farming to the very highest standards. Piercebridge farm openly welcomes visitors and their beef, pork , lamb and chicken is certified organic by the soil assosciation. We sell most of our speciality meat frozen to reduce waste and to ensure we have a full range at any given time. Our organic chritsmas poultry comes from Northumberland and can be ordered fresh for xmas week.

Our organic eggs also come regularly from Piercebridge farm. They are named after the oldest son on the farm: Harry. Harry’s childhood hobby was showing chickens and the family happily named their eggs after him. There is a big demand for Harry’s eggs and to maintain supply we often supplement his eggs with organic eggs from other independent farms in the region.

When we started our business over twenty years ago our aim was to be involved in remaking the food chain for the better, and to become part more positive approach to sustainable food production . We hope through the years that our way of working has not only resulted in the enjoyment and good health of our customers, but that it has also helped effect a deeper change in the food chain itself, ensuring that home and abroad producers are paid a proper price for their food , and that food production focuses more positively on the long term good of the environment and the welfare of all involved. The tradition of Co-operative grocery attempts to redress the inequalities which continually arise within the food trade, and we remain as committed to an ethical approach as the day we opened our doors.

Over our years of trade, we have put down our roots as a business in the region. Our major wholesalers are workers co-operatives in Halifax and Manchester , and we draw on many smaller individual suppliers both locally around newcastle, in northumbria , and across the north of england as a whole. We hope the result of our work is that our customers can continue to enjoy the very best local and regional organic foods as part of their weekly shop.

organic veg box

. Our full meat list can be seen below.

Piercebridge organic free range chicken

Free range organically fed – Soil association organic standard

Chicken Whole – Chicken Breast – Chicken Thigh – Chicken Leg – Chicken Wings – ChickenHalf – Chicken Sausages – Chicken/burger

Piercebridge organic Lamb

Free range and grass fed on organic pasture – Soil association organic standard

Lamb Leg — Lamb Shoulder Boneless – Lamb Chops
Lamb Liver – Lamb Mince – Lamb Diced – Lamb Sausages

Piercebridge organic free range pork

Free range – organically fed – Soil association organic standard

Pork Shoulder – Pork Loin Chop – Pork Diced – Cumberland Sausages – Sausages Porkers G Free – Bacon Back

Piercebridge organic Beef

Free range and grass fed on organic pasture – Soil association organic standard

Beef Steak Fillet – Beef Steak Sirloin –
Beef Topside – Beef Steak Diced – Beef Steak Minced
Beef Burger Angus – Ox Liver

What’s said in the shop about Piercebridge organic farm.

What I liked about Chris [ hodgson of piercebrdige organic farm ] is that he always just wanted to farm organically, that was his thing – that was simply what he wanted to do “- Mick from gibside community farm.

“Harry’s eggs are something special” – Blanch

“The best lamb I have ever tasted – just amazing” – Rosie

” It doesn’t suprise me that piercebridge pork is served in a Michelin start restaurant.” “When you put in the work that Chris does, that’s the standard you reach”. Rob

“I don’t normally eat sausages – but do you have any of the chicken sausages from piercebridge in stock ? – I would like some of them” – Glenda