Zero waste, plastic free, bio-plastic, eco friendly & recycled goods

Zero waste, Plastic free, bio plastic, compostable, eco friendly, recycling, eco-friendly. Sustainable shopping

Zero Waste

We’ve lots of plastic free products in our shop. Look out for our plastic free deodorants, toothbrushes, and soaps. We offer refills for organic commodities such as rice,pasta,nuts and seeds. You will also find  refills for a full range of household cleaning products such as washing up liquid and laundry liquid. And we have refills for body care products such as shampoo, body wash and conditioner as well. Most of our organic veg is sold loose and our local organic meats are being sold in plastic free packaging. We remove any plastic packaging used for our salad leaves and loose greens at the counter so that we can re-use it in-store.


New shelves

We‘ve also  just built some new shelves and revamped our range of home care products . Xenia has had a  look at what’s available to us in the market. So we hope we can keep helping make your home a little greener.

What’s new?

We’ve got a new range of maistic compostable bin liners and food bags, And we have some microplastic free cloths, recycled scrubbers and brushes from ecoforceIf you care parchment paper and aluminium foil are on the new shelves. Esrah says our tradecraft rubber gloves are “amazing”. We even have recycled clothes pegs for hanging out your washing. We  also have ecoleaf products for your bathroom in-store. 

Sustainable shopping

Thinking about sustainability is new to many of us. But like our suppliers, the shop is working towards zero-waste guidelines. From reusing and  recycling our own cardboard and plastic, to composting our own waste, even businesses can do their bit.

Thinking about waste doesn’t have to be complicated. And we hope we can make it easier for our customers to follow the same rounded decision making process we are working to in-store. Zero waste can just be common sense.

Refuse, Reduce Reuse, Recycle, and Rot seems the way to go.