A Zero waste business ?

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Zero Waste ?

zero waste

 Zero Waste seems to be something of a new approach in the north east.  North of the border in Scotland it has become more of a mainstream approach in business. And a lot of people still seem confused by the very idea of Zero waste. Because the Zero in Zero waste can seem very intimidating. It can seem rather like an ultimatum. And Zero living is not just about buying goods which appear plastic free at the point of sale. In fact the aims of Zero waste are quite simple. Zero waste means setting a new goal for how we live in the world—one that aims to reduce what we trash in landfills and incinerators to zero. One that aims to make composting the last act in the waste cycle,  and to rebuild our local economies in support of community health, sustainability, and justice. 

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Zero Living ?

 Zero waste has big implications for consumers. And more and more this year we have been asked to reduce the amount of packaging we are using  store,  and it’s been great to respond to that demand as part of our enviromental goals.  Zero living is really the application of Zero waste to our individual lives as consumers. And as shop we have lots of services and goods to help support customers setting out on a Zero Living pathway. 

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Working together

 To us, approaching these things individually is as important as pushing for change across the board nationally to create more sustainable solutions to climate change and pollution. Zero waste to us  is something we need to tackle together as a whole society. 

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Zero Waste for Businesses

   And buisnesses have a part to play as well. Being a Zero waste shop isn’t just about what you sell.  This year we have spent quite some time discussing zero waste issues in store as a team. We’ve been consulting with our suppliers and waste contractors. We’ve been  speaking to customers and  people in the local community,  All to help  improve the way we do things.  It’s been great to have our customers help and our unusable food waste is now going to a local allotment to be composted each week.  We are always interested to speak to other buisnesses in the north east to see if there are approaches we can learn and share.

      So if you are a buisness interested in a zero waste approach and would like to discuss how things can be improved please get in touch. From supply chains, to recyling, and from composting to retail presentation there is a lot we have been learning and are still looking to build on.


Zero Waste for Customers 

       And If your’e a consumer interested in taking up more of an approach to zero living . And if you have an interest in healthy, fresh , local and organic foods. Then  we hope you will pay us a visit and see what we can do for you in-store.  Zero living can be a positive step not just for the enviroment but also for the individual. From speaking to our customers, sourcing you food more carefully and more locally can be enjoyable and rewarding in itself.