Breads, Cakes & Sandwiches

Updated 21/03/2020 – Due to the on-going need to support some of our customers at distance we are not making sandwiches and cakes in the shop in the morning at present. Artisan breads are still available daily from a Tuesday at opening.

We prepare fresh takeaway, bake our own cakes, and sell a range of fresh artisan bread in-store. When we first opened we had little more than a sandwich counter. In fact we only had about 800 pounds worth of stock. And our takeaway foods helped us get established as a business.

Takeaway made in-store

We have always aimed to offer takeaway food which is both nutritious, tasty and healthy. And we have always tried to offer it at a sensible price. Our golden rules have been that everything is made by hand in-store. And that we use the shop as a larder for everything we make for our deli counter.

What you see on the shelves is what goes into our sandwiches, our flapjacks and our cakes. The quality of ingredients alone does make things a little easier for us with our takeaway service. But we have also built up our own recipe book over the years. As well as developing an appreciation for what our customers enjoy.

Sandwiches and Cakes

Our Sandwiches are made fresh by hand with artisan bread, fresh organic salad and a varieties of fillings picked from around the shop. Our smoked cuddy’s cave and red onion marmalade sandwich made it into the guardian good food guide. And we have dairy free and gluten free cakes. We make our own brownies and polenta cake. Our cakes always use organic ingredients.

Locally baked Artisan Breads

We also sell a range of locally baked artisan Sourghdough and speciality breads in-store. Artisan Bread is available daily and some smaller loaves from Paul’s organic bakery arrive on a Tuesday afternoon. Lunchtime is a good time to grab a sandwich. And a lot of our customers often ask for a bit of the shop’s cake at the end of their shop.