A family size veg box for xmas dinner and xmas week. All organic veg will be sourced locally as we can and will be grown in the UK. Normally includes Potatoes, Leeks , Onions, Carrots, Parsnip , Cabbage, Brussel sprouts, Swede.

Our chirstmas root veg is fresh picked and stores easily in cold environment such as a fridge or a shed for a couple of  weeks. It’s only sprouts that will go off sooner.  Just cover any veg you store in an outbuilding to protect it from frost.

Produce is usually all Northumbrian but some years  we need to fill up with some other produce from around the north if our  local farms have difficulty. As usual we will be  buying the best quality produce we can source.

Contents may vary in Christmas week itself but we are planning to have the following in our Christmas day veg boxes this year:

2.5kg organic potatoes

500g organic  leeks

1 kg organic onions

1.5 kg carrots

1kg organic parsnips


750g Brussel sprouts or sprout stalk


Our christmas dinner boxes are ready made and we can’t adjust the contents individually. We  qre encouraging customers to get their boxes early this year to ensure they get the best chance to get all their essentials for their Christmas meal.

We don’t put broccoli or cauliflower in our boxes as these are  traditionally picked in the north east  before the winter starts in the north  to avoid frost damage. We should however have these available christmas week in the shop even if they have to come from the continent. apples, clementines and other popular lines will be available in xmas week in the shop for customers who want to top up.

Please place any order for Christmas poultry or veg boxes separately from any weekly order.

Please see our terms and conditions for christmas orders on the bottom of our homepage. If you need an evening delivery in Christmas week please let us know in your order notes at checkout.

If you are not collecting from the shop, please ensure you live within our delivery area – our delivery areas fall within NE2, NE3 , NE6, NE7 and NE12 only.  A map is available at the bottom of our homepage.