Plans ?

We’ve had some plans drawn up for work in the shop between Christmas and new year. We are going to be closing between Christmas and new year so it might be a case of stocking up well with us to see you through the festive season. 


We’ve grown slowly over the years. When the shop opened we only had the front of the shop and started off by selling sandwiches with a little bit of suma stock and some fruit and veg at the front of the shop. 


But the shop is getting very cramped now and we struggle often just to fit things in, the supplements are all on the top shelf now as we start to look at clearing the area for a bit of a rebuild. 

The shops also quiet poorly lit in places so a little bit of lighting will help us so the last bit of spending is going towards some new lights. 

Hopefully we don’t have to move things around too much in terms of product as that often frustrates regulars but we should be able to make a bit more space in the middle of the shop to make shopping for fresh produce easier.

We plan to redecorate a little bit as well and get a bit more info up about our history and our approach to make the what we do things easier for new customers to understand. 

It’s going to be a busy festive season. And hopefully things will just be a bit more spaced out for the new year to start with. We have bought a lot of the new stock for the shelves early.

It’s what could be seen as our christmas range. But really with the exception of some mince pies and some pannetonne we don’t really do one. We hope their is enough well sourced produce in the shop week to week  that it is easy to pick up some gifts for friends.  Recently we’ve got some new locally blended tea and coffees into the shop. Our customers biggest new interest inside the shop this year has been local food and we have met some great new artisan producers in the region recently. 

It’s going to be a big jump this festive period for us, and we’ll get some pics and videos of the work up on social media so you can see how things progress.  

We’ll still be going to go for more slow growth in the new year as their as many aspects of the business still to improve on. One thing we are keen on is organic certification for our veg and commodities and actively supporting local farms more. We’re pleased to be getting our christmas potatoes in from gibside community farm and we’ll be talking to them a lot more about how the shop and it’s customers can help them grow. 


A few years back John Craven from BBC Countryfile visited the shop and was impressed by the sheer enthusiam staff and customers had for organic food. He said we were all “keeping the faith” in organic food. That’s something we can hopefully do in the new year. Thank’s to the hard work of Sean, Mo and Kathryn and team at organic north we have been getting some excellent organic fruit and veg into the shop this autumn and winter.We’re still in the early stages with working with this workers coop so we might take some time to find our rhythm. But everyone in the shop is looking forward to having some great veg on our christmas table.