Christmas closing times?



We’re closing for renovations this year on

Wednesday Christmas Eve at 4pm

and plan to re-open on Friday the 3rd of January at 10am


We won’t have a chilled Suma delivery on Friday the 20th but we will take orders in-store for as little as single items this week – the deadline is Wednesday the 16th. 


Our Christmas veg display will be out from Wednesday the 18th at 2pm and we expect to be topping things up with fresh produce in the run up to Closing on Christmas eve.


 We have some plans  to renovate the shop a little between boxing day and reopening on Friday the 3rd. Hopefully we can space things out a bit better for the new year. 

Thanks for all our customer’s on-going support this year, we hope you enjoy the best the festive season has to offer. 

      Elaine, Rob, Xenia, Esrah, Frances and all at the honey tree