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Organic Delivery Heaton Newcastle – Fresh Food Delivery – Heaton – High Heaton – Jesmond – Sandyford – Gosforth – Gateshead. We are currently delivering to all areas around Newcastle. Updated 04/07/2020.

We’re staying open : see our opening times and weekly schedule have changed . Our fruit and veg orders arrive sometime on Tuesday and Thursday next week. Artisan bread is available daily again.

Weekly orders for organic fruit and veg boxes for collection and delivery can now be placed quickly using our new online shop, and our weekly request form is still available above for deliveries.

Customers can still use whichever means of online ordering suits them although we are encouraging customers to register and try to use the online shop if they can. Our online ordering deadline is now noon on a Monday. Late online orders for collection can be taken through the online shop until noon on a Thursday this week. Please just leave a message in your order notes saying you would like to collect this week.

If customers are still having difficulties they can ring the shop and ask for Fran or Simon, or email us thehoneytreeorders @gmail.com. Vulnerable customers looking to simply place a “call and collect” order for someone else to collect on their behalf are welcome to ring the shop to place an order.

Customer feedback has been really positive about our fruit and veg boxes and our personal shopper service, and we’ve enjoyed making our boxes up around the days our deliveries come in. With the current volume of trade we have in the shop we are able to offer good value, freshness and seasonal variety with our boxes. If you are not ordering today please keep in touch using the purple form, and help us develop our service.

Organic greengrocer newcastle

Our collection and delivery service is still in it’s early stages and our deliveries are continuing to support elderly, and vulnerable customers each week. We can add more fruit and veg and shopping to our delivered boxes. New customers help fill up our runs and make our service viable. And with only 2 allowed in the shop at present, collecting a ready made box can help also help save us valueable time on the shop floor just now. Making up boxes is an important part of keeping our overall fresh service operating smoothly at present , so we appreciate everyone’s support.

organic veg box newcastle

What some of our customers say about our organic fruit and veg boxes:

Hiya, thanks so much for the wonderful box last week! Our whole family enjoyed it! So lovely to have some fresh and organic food.

” Thank you for our box of joy! It has made us very happy!

Had my first fruit and veg box delivered today – lovely produce . Thanks very much! “

Thank you for the veg box delivery yesterday, we’re really pleased with the quality, variety and quantity for £20! Great value

Below is a quick pic of one of our boxes from this week. Northumbrian salad and greens starting to come through now.

organic veg box heaton

Our opening times have changed and our weekly schedule has also changed. Our opening times have reduced to allow us to restock behind closed doors and to handle an increase in outside orders.

organic veg box jesmond

Most of our customers continue to visit the shop. And we have appreciated everyones ongoing support, patience and cooperation in-store. Contactless shopping is available We had all the neccesary distancing measures from the first day of lockdown and we’ll be working to make essential grocery shopping available through the crisis. We’re fortunate to have the shop set out the way it is with large windows clear walkways, and good lighting . So we aim to keep the door open. Please pay special attention to our distancing and hygiene notices if you visit the shop. It’s two household’s on the shop floor at one time including staff so please look in before you come in. Hand sanitiser is available on entering the shop.

organic veg box gosforth

We appreciate everyone’s veg box orders for collection and delivery . It’s been challenging to adapt the business so quickly but everyone has seemed really happy with their boxes and we have been pleased with the quality and value of the produce we were working with. It’s been nice to get things out around the new delivery days when it was all really fresh. Thanks for all the messages of support. We aim to follow the seasons and our boxes will be different each week and reflect what is popular in-store.

organic veg box high heaton

We are just a small business with a bit of a smaller team than usual ( a few of our student workers have left town). But we have had a lot of requests for veg boxes and delivery at the shop recently. And we know from the trade that our organic boxes offer good value and quality, and so we are happy to start doing more in the present circumstances as part of making the best quality organic fruit and veg more accessible at affordable prices.

organic delivery heaton

We often work with independent organic farms and have a different supply chain from the supermarkets and most other greengrocers. And we find our low waste supply chain respects growers and results in a better product and a better price for everyone. A lot of our fruit and veg is picked to order. Spring has always been a tricky time to do veg boxes as we enter the “hungry gap” but with the help of our northern farms and wholesalers we will keep everything as local and as good value as we can.

Thanks for visiting our page. We expect the crisis will be a bit of a challenge for us as business but we hope with your support we can keep up our sales of fresh goods. We can keep the prices down, and the quality up only as long as we can keep our weekly orders big enough. We are pleased we can now offer a city wide distribution to our customers who find themselves in difficulty.

organic delivery gosforth

We will attempt to keep this page updated. And we appreciate everyone’s continuing support, patience and consideration at this difficult time. Our sympathies are with those experiencing the worst end of things. We have been in touch with local councillor Alistair Chisholm and there is a local group forming for those who need more support locally.

organic veg box scheme

Magic hat cafe have also been altering their service to include deliveries and are a useful point of support for those experiencing extreme financial hardship. And harrisa kitchen in Sandyford are organising emergency meals for those in need.

organic delivery jesmond

We hope we can all get through all of this safely together. It is a concerning time for us as a community with quite a few elderly and vulnerable customers. And we hope we will be able to see all our customers back in the shop regularly when this is over.Thanks for everyone’s ongoing support.

Rob, Elaine, Frances and all at the honey tree.


Fruit and veg boxes are great – lovely fresh produce. Love the different variety every week. Keep them coming 😁 Kathy

Thanks to the Honey Tree for providing such an excellent service to your vulnerable customers – community action at its bestDavid

I just wanted to say thank you for delivering the most beautiful veg box today.
It is a feast for the eyes and, of course, for the palate: l have already started eating my way through it! 
Many thanks again for providing this wonderful service