Amongst other things we are the only all organic greengrocer in Newcastle. We always buy local and british veg first as the season allows and our display changes throughout the year to reflect this. Expect fresh leaves in the summer, harvest veg in the autumn and glorious root veg through the winter. Our organic veg display is the show piece of our store and everything is sold loose so you can pick your own and we can keep our prices down, below the delivery box-schemes and the supermarkets. Our veg display is different every week and is on-sale from every Wednesday at midday. We sell our fruit and veg loose, so you can choose what you want and get exactly as much as you would like. Like for like, we are cheaper than the supermarket’s organic equivalent and all the organic veg box schemes in the area.

This weeks organic veg display - on sale now


Some of our suppliers.

North East Organic Growers


Rosemary Wass from Newfield's Organic, Fadmoor.

Johnny Watson from St. Helen's Farm


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