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The last day of April

The view from the cupboard – Rob…

Thursday and it has as always been a busy week.

The new computerised stock control is in full flow , but it’s easier to let a computer generate an order than it is to trust it, so Helma has busily checked every single stock item front and back of shop that we have less than three items of , all to try and make sure no-one is disappointed at the weekend.

Highlight of my week has been the arrival of the first shoots of summer from the continent. We’re now managing to get some french organic roquette every week, along with organic blueberries and raspberries. Everyone was really dissapointed to discover the berries were in excellent condition and there was not waste to plunder..

We are also trying to go paperless and do everything through computer and smartphone, easier said than done, but some have been worried that the spread of paperwork from my office will soon swallow them alive.So something has to give.

We have also been looking at ways of handling your enquiries and orders better after a few hiccups with a couple of customers last week – we have started to trial a couple of apps to help us answer every enquiry instore as fully as we can , and also to make sure we always return every message we receive. I think using voxer and zendesk could help improve our service for customers . I hope they work – there must be more to life than blaming things on computers….


We’ve completed our recent refurbishment of the middle of the store. All of the space on the centre isle is now set aside for promotions. Everything on the top shelves will be sold at a discount of 20%. The new till applies the discount automatically. So please get used to dropping items into your basket, the quicker stock sells the faster we can get new promotions out in store. Check out the home page on the website website , photos of our new offers are put up every time we load up the shelves.

Customer Newsletter Now Available Online


Our first new customer newsletter is now available! It will also be on-hand in the shop for you to pick up.

The newsletter is for all customers, to keep you informed of what’s going on in the shop and what you can expect from us in the future. It will also feature mini articles exploring some of the products we have available in store or delving into the wonderful (but often confusing!) world of health foods.

Customer Newsletter 1 – 19th May 2014

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