Fresh Takeaway Food

There must be over a thousand takeaway food stores in newcastle. What’s different about ours. Well here’s three reasons to head to the honey tree.

1. You can see the ingredients that go into our takeaway food. They are on our shelves : the shop is our larder. We don’t skimp or make our food on the cheap, if you like something that’s in our goodies, well, we can point it to you in-store.

2. The quality shows in the taste – our takeway food is vibrant , healthy and nutritious. We don’t buy any of it in from outside our store , we make it all fresh and by hand on site in our shop, so It’s refreshing and revitalising.

3. The price is right, it’s affordable – our takeaway food is very competative and offers you real food at an everyday price. Our award winning sandwiches may been featured in the guardian but they still start from 2.45, cakes start from 99p, and Savouries from 1.25.

There’s 3 reasons why we always sell out of everything we make.

Give us a try one lunchtime and rediscover why a deli and delicious can go hand in hand.

deli cakes
pizza 2

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