As a business, we aim to make good quality organic food part of the weekly shop again. We’ve an enormous selection of organic dry foods, tins, meat, fresh fruit and veg, cheese, cakes, toiletries and more! A local cooperative that’s been around since 1999 we like to think we know our stuff. We are careful to source our products from the best suppliers possible, yet always making sure the price is affordable.

Ethical groceries

Our top priority is to provide groceries that are fresh, organic and, wherever possible, local. From the start we’ve filled our shop with organic produce believing that food, grown naturally and without pesticides or chemicals, keeps our customers happier and healthier. We carefully source the provenance of our fruit and vegetables knowing that this is the surest way of providing good food with superior taste.

Doddington Dairy and Gourmet Cheeses


In our deli you will find a wide variety of organic, local, raw, and specialty cheeses. From delicately flavored goat cheeses, to edible carrot-flavored rinds, to the serious Stiltons and Darling blues – we are consistently well-stocked and ready to tempt with our selection.

A little personal recommendation from us to you would be, come in and try our Doddington. Produced locally, Doddington is a superb raw milk cheese that is such a firm favorite with our customers, it’s always in constant demand!

Local Organic Meats


We sell a large selection of organic meats. Come in and browse between chicken, beef, pork and lamb joints, mince, diced or fillets! A definite popular with our customers is the nitrate-free bacon from Devon Rose, and we agree! Cooking it reminds us what bacon can actually cook and taste like without all the nasties that go into the supermarket versions.

With our variety of types and cuts, we will do our best to meet your needs.

Our meat is supplied to us from a few different farms, Longhorsely, Broomhouse Organic Farm (based in Durham) and Devon Rose.

What some of our customers say about us

“Great staff, so friendly and helpful” – June Donahoe

“I find the staff extremely friendly and have got loads of advice from them” – Sarah Dresser

“The shop assistants are also very kind and helpful” – Cristina Conti

“The staff are really friendly and helpful too, they always have time to listen give good advice. It’s a dead canny shop” – Rachel Kirk

“I’ve only ever had great experiences with each member of staff I’ve ever met, & not just in a generic ‘customer service’, kind of way. Much more personable than that!” – Danielle Hutchinson

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