One of the most common compliments we get is that we “fit so much inside our shop”.

First time customers are always amazed that we have such a range of fresh foods and groceries on offer. There is no doubt that we are the good food equivalent of doctor who’s tardis. With all the goodies on display we seem bigger on the in-side than the outside.

Years a Rick Stein donned us a food hero called us a “one stop shop” for good food. Some customers literally don’t shop anywhere else than with us.

But there is still a difference between us and the big organic chain store you come across in big cities.At the honey tree we source every product individually. It has to be good to get on our shelves and we pride ourselves knowing what you are buying is the best we can source.

And don’t get confused either, the food may be good but the prices are reasonable. We are not interest in one of sales for luxury items. We are all about repeat sales, and weekly shops.

Our aim is to make good food part of weekly shopping again, pay us a visit, we are sure you will not be disappointed. The most common thing we hear from new customers when they cross the door “why didn’t I know about this shop”.

Discover us for yourself.

ethical groceries

We have a carefully sourcing policy. We always attempt to sell the food with the best provenance we can find. Over the years we have found this is the surest route to providing quality food with a superior taste. The reciepe for good food is simple, the more you put in to making it, the better it tastes.

Our priorities are always to buy the freshest and most local food we can buy. We have always supported organic food as we have found food grown naturally without pesticides and chemicals keeps customers happier and healthier. We only source meat which has the highest possible welfare standards and we are also keen to give customers a full range of vegetarian and vegan options. Healthy food is a top priority for us , but with food we still believe that virtue is it’s own reward and the healthiest food can be the most enjoyable.

Doddington Dairy and Gourmet Cheeses


We source organic, local and raw speciality cheeses in our deli counter, and they have been a customer favourite for years. From the most delicate goat cheeses, to cheeses with edible carrot-flavoured rinds, and even the serious blues such as dunsyre and darling, and stilton, we have a constant supply of rare, unusual and unique offerings to tempt any caseophiles!

If you’re just starting your adventure into uncharted cheese-territories, we would advise starting with one which is always in demand in the shop: Doddington. This superb raw milk cheese is a customer favourite, and customers insist pasteurised cheese tastes cold in comparison to this flavoursome local speciality.

If you haven’t tried Doddington Cheese it really is a must – you can just pop into the shop for a free taste of this or any of our other cheeses.

Once bitten, forever smitten ….

Local Organic Meats


No only are we the only organic greengrocer in Newcastle, we also serve a full range of local organic meats. We have local organic chicken from longhorsely which customers tell us is “amazing”. Our Beef, Pork and Lamb comes from Broomhouse Organic Farm in durham and what do we hear about that ? well customers tell us they won’t eat anything else. Another one of our specialities is our nitrate free bacon from devon rose which only reminds us what bacon can actually cook and taste like without all the nasties that go into the supermarket versions. We also have wild game delivered from Ridley Game – that means we can get full local traceability on all the game we sell. Finally we also sell fish from Taylors of North shields. If you think you like tuna, try our tuna steaks and discover the fullness of flavour which fish bought for taste alone can give – and don’t forget the greenland prawns we sell, snow-coloured, pure and full of flavour, please don’t try them if you ever want to eat other prawns again !

What some of our customers say about us

“Great staff, so friendly and helpful” – June Donahoe

“I find the staff extremely friendly and have got loads of advice from them” – Sarah Dresser

“The shop assistants are also very kind and helpful” – Cristina Conti

“The staff are really friendly and helpful too, they always have time to listen give good advice. It’s a dead canny shop” – Rachel Kirk

“I’ve only ever had great experiences with each member of staff I’ve ever met, & not just in a generic ‘customer service’, kind of way. Much more personable than that!” – Danielle Hutchinson

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